• I have completed the Contribution Compass Survey and have been classified as a Cultivator, a perfect match I feel to my character and traits.

    Reeson Gounden South Africa

One of the biggest advantages of becoming an Accredited Partner is that you will be allowed to include the Contribution Compass as part of your own bespoke offering. In addition to improving your facilitation skills and selling the Contribution Compass profilers, you can increase your income stream through offerings such as the Team Assessments and the Maximising Team Contribution Workshop.

Our Global Partners

Agent DynamicsAgent Dynamics Partner Logo

Founded by Julie Davis and Neil Williams in 2014, Agent Dynamics is a Real Estate Team Development Company with extensive experience across all elements of our profession. Collectively they have worked together as practitioners, business owners and coaches for over 25 years and have shared your gains and felt your pains. Recognising that the Team is both the linchpin and also the Achilles heel of an Agency their business acumen and experience has seen them become masters at evolving existing teams into Market Leaders.

With team development being their specialisation, Julie and Neil ave partnered with Contribution Compass, who are recognised as one of the world’s most progressive Psychometric Profiling Organisations.

Together, they utilise Profiling to not only identify a team members natural talent but also to assist with their task allocation and management resulting in increased team productivity, fulfilled team members and increased team retention. When a team works together their natural strengths complement each other to greatly increase the level of success across all aspects of Agency practice.

Agent Dynamics has become the only Real Estate specific, profiling ecosystem available in Australia today and is being utilised by over 1,300 agencies and individuals across the country. Agent Dynamics does not just offer a Psychometric Profile tool, they provide an entire team building and team stability ecosystem that can be incorporated into any Agency, of any size in any location.

Apian Learning Partner LogoApian Learning

Experience an e-course introduction to Contribution Compass, hosted by Belinda Doveston and Apian Learning. Apian Learning is an online learning platform dedicated to high-impact people development, business and team building courses where the focus is on making a difference – practical, effective and life-changing learning experiences.


Founded in 1974, Babington provides first class learning across the UK to employers of all sizes. We are focused on the development needs of organisations in regulated markets where skills development requirements are constantly changing. This includes central government bodies to local authorities; and multi-national private corporations through to SMEs and micro-businesses.  We specialise in partnering with Industry experts  to deliver a range of training qualifications and programmes from levels 1-8 nationally with a focus on Professional Services development including Finance & Accountancy, Leadership & Management, Project Delivery, Digital and Data skills.

Babington is one of the UK’s leading independent training providers consistently achieving some of the highest achievement rates in the sector .  We have consistently maintained our status as an Ofsted Grade 2 ‘Good’ provider.

Our Purpose is “developing better futures” by living our Vision Statement:

“To be globally recognised as a valued and trusted partner unlocking potential through a bold passion for learning”.

We deliver our services to our customers and learners through our great people with the intent to provide a consistent and differentiated experience that delivers on our purpose, our mission and our values.  We drive a customer-focused approach in everything that we do and really ensure that this permeates throughout the whole business.

Babington are committed to achieving and delivering great customer experience and as such have adopted The Six Pillars being:

  • Personalisation Using individualised attention to drive an emotional connection
  • Integrity Being trustworthy and engendering trust
  • Setting expectations Managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • Resolution Turning a poor experience into a great one
  • Time and Effort Minimising customer effort and creating frictionless processes
  • Empathy Achieving an understanding of the customer’s circumstances to drive deep rapport.

Contribution Compass profiling provides us with a truly valuable tools to support our learners on their development pathway.

BBOpEx Partner LogoBBOpEx Solutions

Since its inception BBOpEx Solutions has focused its efforts on strengthening the Supply Chain and Operational Excellence competencies of South Africa’s emerging SMME’s and the Global Healthcare community responsible for Supply Chain Management.

Our passion is really the development of talent and leadership among businesses in Africa and ensuring that our skillset will contribute to their robustness and ability to withstand changing market forces. This is achieved through BBOpEx’s three pillars – Advisory, Capability Development and Supply Chain Optimisation – and all within the context of understanding the client’s business strategy.

We offer a new paradigm of Coaching, Mentoring & Advisory, that is “Issue-driven”, “Solution-focused” & “Results-based”.

We use an integrated methodology which helps our clients achieve real-time results as they learn during the process, ultimately becoming pioneers of change in their respective industries. It simplifies the complexities causing your delays while helping you craft the path to grow your vision in less time!

Our results driven, process gurus and creative masterminds improve overall business efficiencies by engaging people and aligning systems into processes that deliver a continuous stream of value to clients while eliminating waste and deficiencies in the process.

Regardless of what is happening around you, when you work with our company, you can expect game changing new ideas first that will allow you to be the pioneer in your industry amidst a stagnant atmosphere.

Business Game Changers Partner LogoBusiness Game Changers

If 100 entrepreneurs start a business in South Africa today, only 55 businesses will reach year 3. Of those 55 businesses, only 27 will reach year 5, and ultimately only 9 will reach year 10. The rest will die in no man’s land along the way

We help Africa’s elite high growth CEOs and Founders to:

  • 10x their businesses
  • Create 100’s of jobs
  • Unlock the value in their business at scale

Business Game Changers are experts in providing Strategy, Execution, and Culture process development. We do that by means of a systematic 26-month program.

We guide you and your management team through an MBA while you work on your business and on yourself while your business grows.

Queen Bee of LinkedIn Partner LogoCelia Rizothanasi

Celia, the Queen Bee of LinkedIn, is a marketing communications strategist and personal branding specialist on LinkedIn. As a marketing mentor and trainer, Celia loves helping small businesses attract and convert more clients online. Celia is particularly passionate about helping corporate escapees reposition themselves as experts and build knowledge-based businesses.

If you ask her clients, they will tell you that Celia’s superpower is cutting through the noise and focusing on the marketing activities that get results. Celia loves positioning her clients’ services with clarity, developing compelling calls to action and helping them attract prospects on LinkedIn, and beyond, with integrity and grace.

Celia runs the Read to Lead Book Club, a business and marketing focused club for driven professionals. She also leads monthly business networking events in South-West London.

Celia practices Conscious Leadership – listening with intent, speaking with integrity, acting compassionately. Keeping it realspeaking from the heart and being loyal are things that matter to her most.


COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd is a human capital, management, and leadership development consulting company. One of our main offerings in supporting our clients is professional and executive coaching programme at individual, team, and group level. We recognise the relatedness of coaching to other interventions on our menu of offerings, Mentoring, Consulting, Advisory, Facilitation, Motivational Speaking, Counselling, Training and Development. However, Coaching should not be confused with any of the above. Coaching is a development intervention that seeks to ignite the capacity of the client from within. The coach’s role is to facilitate that process, encourage the client to use his or her own internal resources and strength to achieve the set goals or objectives in life or business.

At COMETSA, by the time the coach meets with the client most of service expectations shall have been met by our Business Management Division. This is done through provision of professional coaching service logistic, coordination and administrative support. The coach is therefore freed from any non-coaching activities to focus on the actual coaching development work. There is close relationship between the support team, the coach and client to make sure that the client experience good quality coaching intervention.

COMETSA is the home of many highly qualified, accredited and credentialled professional and executive coaches. They are brought in as Associate Coaches assigned to Individual, Team, and/or Group Coaching Programme. Whereas they each have their own coaching models and philosophies, they are aligned with COMETSA Coaching Philosophy, namely, The MIND! The JOURNEY! The DESTINY! We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY!

CPA Moms Partner LogoCPA Moms

CPA MOMS empowers talented CPA mompreneurs who want to have both a firm and a family, provides entrepreneurs with accurate & affordable accounting & tax services nationwide, and puts family first.

We live by our core principles which are to always add value by:

  1. providing ACCURATE services,
  2. offering personalized CARE,
  3. timely and effective COMMUNICATION.

We are proud to be part of an organization where values and family still matter, where we enjoy all of the people we interact and collaborate with, and where everyday we have the opportunity to make a difference.

Whether you are just getting started and want your business to be set up properly by an accounting professional, your business is in early stages and cashflow is tight, or you are a fast growing venture that needs financial systems to help grow exponentially, CPA MOMS® professionals is equipped to serve entrepreneurs at all stages.

We have accounting and tax professionals with experience across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to: real estate, eCommerce, service professions, franchising, construction, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, interior design firms, and 501(c)3 organizations.

Edge Growth Partner LogoEdge Growth

Edge Growth specialises in developing small businesses, offering end-to-end solutions. Success is achieved by connecting corporates and entrepreneurs and addressing growth constraints like access to finance, market and skills. Our offering consists of these service areas, designed to achieve maximum impact:

  • ESD Strategy for corporates & building SMEs in their value-chain
  • Investing in and growing SMEs through fund management
  • Scaling businesses to full potential through accelerator programmes

Enshrine Placements Partner LogoEnshrine Placements

Enshrine Placements is a unique and innovative engineering and technical recruitment company in Africa and an accredited partner of the Contribution Compass.

Born out of the desire to make a difference, it is our mission to match a person’s skills, talents and passion with what makes them really shine. We embrace the spirit of mutual respect and interdependence – we transform lives. Our credo: “Re-engineering your life’s journey”.

Enshrine uses the Contribution Identifier to consciously identify and assign a natural energy profile to our clients’ positions based on the natural skills and talents needed to achieve the overall objective and purpose of each position. All our shortlisted candidates complete the Contribution Compass to ascertain their natural energy profile, which is then viewed in comparison with the profile of the position.

This profiling methodology is incorporated in our recruitment fee at no additional cost and, when correctly applied, is guaranteed to save you money as it will lead to increased employee

engagement, improved staff retention, reduced staff turnover as well as improved recruitment efficiency helping you make better recruitment decisions. Our fees are payable on successful placement only.  

View our Excel spreadsheet of selected candidates’ online interview questionnaires together with their completed Contribution Compass profiles. You can search by profile and job title.

Or check out the Enshrine Learning Academy (ELA), a collaboration of highly skilled Executive Coaching Specialists, Usha Maharaj and Ann Baret, who are designing free and game-changing

webinars and learning journeys aimed at personal, career, leadership and corporate development.

Financial Pro Partner LogoFinancial Pro

Financial PRO is the UK’s leading independent training company for Financial Service Advisers. Financial PRO helps Financial Services Advisers to grow and scale their business by attracting their ideal clients, streamlining their processes, building teams and increasing sales without the frustration of figuring it out on their own.

Financial PRO fills a huge coaching and mentoring gap in the industry. We deliver a service that offers business support, real world experience and guidance without the BS. We provide practical knowledge from personal experience of building an award-winning brand and business.

Founder and MD, Gary Das, grew his award-winning brokerage from 2016 on the same principles that are taught to our clients. Financial PRO focuses on a four step simple process: start, grow, increase, scale. 


Many advisers rely on networks to provide business support. Networks can be great for compliance and making sure you adhere to FCA rules. Some provide training, but that usually comes from someone who has never run a business themselves. 

We strive to elevate your knowledge and ability as a business owner in the digital age so that you can create a business that feeds your unique lifestyle aspirations.

Our mission is to change the landscape of financial services, helping our clients to start, grow, increase and scale their businesses. We teach our clients to stop working hard and start working smart so that they can do more of what they love with who they love.

Fitness Club Dynamics Partner LogoFitness Club Dynamics

Fitness Club Dynamics brings together extensive experience in both recruitment and fitness clubs.

Graham approached Matt and his team at Atrium Fitness about Behavioral Assessments. From that came the realisation this was something that could transform the fitness industry. Graham is an ex-Army Gulf War veteran. He has been training veterans and placing them into work for over 20 years. He is a fellow of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and a behavioral assessment specialist. As a Master Trainer for Contribution Compass he has assessed and developed teams and business leaders.

Matt is an industry veteran, who entered the fitness industry at the age of 17 when his family started Life Fitness. In 1994 he moved into club operations and he has owned and managed 3 successful clubs since then. He has vast team management experience and has also owned and managed a successful digital marketing agency.

Forces Recruitment Partner LogoForces Recruitment

Established in 2001, Forces Recruitment was the first specialist recruitment consultancy in the UK set up to help ex-Armed Forces men and women into civilian employment. FRS has helped over 10,000 servicemen and women into work in 20 years.

Harmony Coaching

Sonia, a well-rounded business coach with Harmony Coaching, guides small to medium-sized businesses in New Zealand through her practical approach to business leadership. Prior to this, she headed up the Sirdar New Zealand governance programmes licensed to Skills Consulting Group and offered workshops on team dynamics using the Contribution Compass tool. She has also led the inception, implementation and strategic growth of her own international business in executive search.

With a wealth of experience in global business leadership, strategy development, and team management, Sonia continues to inspire and guide emerging and established business owners alike. Through customized coaching and strategic insights, she empowers small business owners to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and create sustainable growth.

Sonia uses the Contribution Compass tools to help businesses address every facet of building and sustaining balanced team dynamics. With a long background in recruitment, she is well-set to assist businesses in ensuring they find the right fit for their team. Using the Team profile tools, she works with business owners to create harmonious and energetic team environments.

Some of the benefits of working with Sonia at Harmony Coaching include:

  • Higher engagement
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Improved profitability
  • Significantly increased productivity
  • Increased retention

Julie Hogbin Partner LogoJulie Hogbin

Julie Hogbin Conscious Leadership for Business & Life works with Individuals & Business across the Private, Public & Entrepreneurial sectors.

Julie focuses on what make organisations great which is the people within them linked to the strategic plan & vision

The people at every level create the culture which ultimately create the results of the organisation regardless of size. Your culture will eat any strategy for breakfast, lunch & dinner both for you individually and the organisation. Discovering the values, that drive the behaviours, which drive the results & creating the appropriate culture is vital to your success in any relationship you will ever find yourself

Julie focuses on creating Conscious Leadership, Identifying Values & creating the Culture for results with Transparency.

Julie uses psychological profiling tools within her work which enable self-awareness to be developed for the individual, the team and the organisation. Increased self-awareness can lead to increased results when actioned upon

Julie basically creates increased results with less conflict & improved communication across teams and business from start up, growth, merger & exit she is an expert in Leadership, Transparency & Enabling Performance

Julie is a multiple published author, the creator of The Conscious Leadership podcast including the A-Z of business and Wealth Wednesday, a public speaker plus Coach, Mentor & trainer of over 30 years having worked with 10s of 1,000s of leaders and managers in business – Julie challenges and supports for change, where change is required.

Lisa Zevi Partner LogoLisa Zevi

Lisa is a small business coach, bestselling author and TEDx speaker. She works with entrepreneurs and their teams, particularly during transition periods – starting a business, building a management team, scaling fast and exiting or taking a step back. She takes a practical approach to getting the right people and systems in place which gives business owners the freedom to focus on growth and driving their business forward.

The most precious commodity any business owner has is time and Lisa helps you get organised, overcome overwhelm and maximise the people you work with. Whether it’s putting a strong management team in place, getting you out of the day to day running of your business, or helping you get “investor ready”, Lisa’s proven methods help you fulfil your potential.

Lisa is the author of the Amazon Number One bestselling book ‘The REAL Entrepreneur: How to simplify, grow and enjoy your business’. In addition to one to one coaching, she runs online workshops on people and culture, leadership and scaling your business and works closely with several accelerator programs for fast growing businesses.

Marianne Page Partner LogoMarianne Page

Marianne Page is an award-winning leader and developer of high performing teams; inspiring successful small business owners to build the simple systems and high performing team that will free them from the day to day of their operation; giving them back the time to enjoy a fulfilling life, confident that their business is running as it should.

Marianne developed a number of high performing teams of her own during her 27 year career as a senior manager with McDonald’s, developing over 14,000 managers and franchisees over an 8 year period as the company’s Training Manager.

Drawing on this vast experience, Marianne created The 7 Systems Builder – a step by step roadmap for systemising your business, making it sale, scale, or franchise- ready. The Team Contribution Compass is an essential part of Systems #2 & #3, Team Building and Team Development; helping individuals and teams to understand where they get their energy from, what activities get them into ‘flow’ – bringing teams together, boosting their productivity and unlocking their full potential.

We work with you to build your 7 business-critical systems, step by concrete step over 9 months, following a clear, 9-step roadmap; holding you to account for implementing and embedding them in your business.

First we work on your foundations – your mindset around the whole idea of systemising your business, your customer experience, and your team – making sure that you have the right team around you. Then we home in on your core systems – your team development, your rhythm building and your systemised sales. And then finally we look at your sale-ready systems focusing on your money-in money-out, your personal growth, and continuous improvement – the systems that will give you freedom of choice.

Melanie Colling Partner LogoMelanie Colling

Melanie Colling is a collaboration expert and best selling author, and is passionate about helping fellow business leaders and entrepreneurs succeed and accelerate their businesses and impact through a proven framework of project leadership, connection and collaboration.

Melanie is a certified project management professional with over 25 years industry experience, she is also a podcast host, facilitator, business strategist and advisor, having worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies focusing on purpose, people and projects.

Her partnership with Contribution Compass allows her to combine her collective experience over the past 2 decades in the areas of project management, people management and business strategy together with a powerful profiling platform to empower her clients, and their teams to harness their value and contribution so together they can make a bigger impact to their clients, their business and their global community.

Noble Prosperity Partner LogoNoble Prosperity

Since 2001, Renate & Noble Prosperity has helped business owners upskill and optimise their operations to keep up with the ever-evolving world of business.

Noble Prosperity specialises in creating order from chaos by identifying potential hazards hidden inside your business’ structure and streamlining strategies and processes to negate them.

Using tailor made combinations of consulting and mentoring, specially designed courses and a wealth of financial and tax expertise, Noble Prosperity equips businesses with a comprehensive toolbox of relevant know-how to promote growth and profitability.

Peer2Peer Partner LogoPeer2Peer

In 2018, four experienced entrepreneurs joined forces and decided to change the Peer Board and business coaching game forever. A peer group provides a unique context which can significantly influence an individual’s intellectual and personal development; Peer2Peer grew from the guiding principle that every leader needs a trusted group of peers to be the sounding board, the support, the inspiration to enable them to reach their full potential.

Peer2Peer focuses on demystifying and simplifying the essential capabilities that are needed to grow an awesome business. Its suite of tools and frameworks help business leaders to work through challenges (or potential challenges), to up-skill and to share knowledge and experience in a structured and confidential learning space. Peer2Peer members share a common goal – they all want to raise their own game and they recognise the value to them in surrounding themselves with other high-performing business leaders. But it’s not just about helping business leaders to build the best possible business, it’s also about making sure they enjoy the ride. It can be lonely running your own business, but it needn’t be.

Leveraging the “power of peer” evokes personal growth and this growth is what makes the difference between a good business and a great business. Be Bold, Be Balanced, Be Brilliant.

Penelogic Partner LogoPenologic

Penologic™ is a Strategy and Human Capital Management Consultancy, founded in 2017.

Our clients are business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs seeking to align their business strategies within the context of accelerated change and technology developments, while keeping unwavering focus on their organisations’ purpose, values, people, customers and stakeholders.

Our team of experienced specialists provide world-class insights and best-practices to inform economic strategies that are relevant and sustainable. To enable this, Penologic™ believes that by focusing on desired leadership behaviours and organisational culture, leaders enhance their ability to achieve customer and business’ mutual goals, and staying on course in line with the organisation’s purpose.

Through access to a global team of specialists, Penologic™  deploys world-class leadership development, talent, change management, business-brand integration and strategic solutions.

Penologic™’s vision is to become a leading global, niche strategy and human capital management consultancy, with a team of 20 industry leader associates by 2025.

We aspire to be known as a brand that contributes towards business and digital transformation; is regarded as a strategic partner for organisations driving meaningful and sustainable organisation culture change.

Through our subsidiary company (BionicsForAfrika Healthcare), we aim to facilitate democratised access to comprehensive, world-class and tech-enabled healthcare solutions for children with disabilities, inclusive of low-income families in South Africa and the African Continent, over time.

Sarah Greener Partner LogoSarah Greener

Sarah is a business coach, author, and founder of the Human-Centered Business. Sarah loves working with business owners to put them back in control of their business. Business owners get into business to get freedom – yet most end up with a business monster, eating up all their time, stressed out, living in the chaos of trying to fit your life in the few hours left over after you finish working. Getting back in control of your time, focus and energy is key if business owners don’t want to keep working harder and longer to get that elusive “business freedom”. Sarah helps you clarify what you want, identifies the changes you need to make, and supports you to implement.

With her simple program designed to give you back a day a week you will quickly kick stress to the curb. The Human-Centered Business Academy is a program for business owners built by a business owner – with 15 years experience running her own businesses Sarah brings a practical, empathetic approach to your business understanding the challenges from the unique perspective of having been there too. With Sarah, you will maximize your results by simplifying your business systems, leveraging your people’s strengths and ensuring you have a clear plan of action means you can work less in the business and create space for your life.

SirdarSirdar Partner Logo

Sirdar navigates the way to business growth through boardroom performance. Then, we help you to overcome your challenges and leverage your strengths.

Our integrated board approach is delivered through advisory services, governance, evaluations, diagnostics, appointments and the continuous upskilling and education of directors.

Sirdar guides a practical, invested approach to create meaningful economic impact. Our Guide, Appoint and Educate solutions make Sirdar the invested boardroom partner in Africa:

  • The Guide team partners with boards to navigate their unique journey of improved boardroom performance through practical advisory and governance services.
  • The Appoint team identifies and appoints non-executive directors by balancing unique boardroom dynamics, values, expertise and natural energy to deliver real boardroom performance.
  • The Educate team delivers practical, relevant learning programmes that are focused on building director- and board-level skills through experience.

At Sirdar, we understand the challenges of a boardroom – the people, the engagement, the knowledge and skill, the vision and journey, growth and development, the end result and business growth. From start to finish, we stay a step ahead.

We climb as a team as we walk our clients’ unique board journeys with them, every step of the way. We deliver an invested partnership and honour our promises with skill, experience and support. And as involved global citizens, we care about making impactful growth a reality for people, businesses, society and countries.

Skills Consulting Group Partner Logo

Skills Consulting Group

Skills Consulting Group is a full-service consultancy working with businesses, industry bodies and governmental agencies to build success by upskilling their workforce. We’re based in New Zealand but work all over the globe.

The businesses within Skills Consulting Group are experts in workplace capability, people development, and employee wellbeing.  Our brands include: Skills, IMNZ, E-tec, David Forman and SoftEd. We hold the license to represent the Sirdar Group in New Zealand, with a focus on supporting privately owned businesses to develop high-performing boards.

Through the Skills Consulting Group’s network of specialist services and brands, we will work with you to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of your organisation and your people.

Sylvia Baldock Partner LogoSylvia Baldock

Empowering Greater Significance in Senior Women, Leaders, Teams and Individuals, Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Personal Impact Thought Leader, TEDx Speaker & Presentation Skills Expert, Executive Coach/Mentor, Author and Podcast Host

SYLVIA has been transforming lives from the tender age of 13 when she ran a youth group for deprived teenagers in Glasgow, Scotland.

Throughout her varied career from Theatre Sister in Open heart Surgery to a Speaker and Masterclass Facilitator, Sylvia has inspired and motivated 1,000s of people to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace, to play to their strengths and to live a life of purpose and impact.

Sylvia is an active member of the Professional Speaking Association and regularly teaches groups and individuals to present with more power, impact and passion.

During the Covid pandemic, Sylvia launched the ‘Becoming More Significant’ empowerment programme for groups and individuals which has been transformational for all participants. She also launched the Becoming More Significant Podcast, interviewing exceptional guests and rising to the top 20 podcasts in the UK within 2 days.

Sylvia has extensive experience working with Senior Women, Business leaders, CEO groups, Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Charities and Social Enterprises, SMEs, CIMA, AAT and NHS supply teams.

Team Dynamics Partner LogoTeam Dynamics

Team Dynamics is a boutique consultancy based in South Africa that specialises in cultivating compassionate leadership that opens doors to new opportunities. They support founders, chief executives and business unit leaders who are committed to transforming their teams into high-growth, high-trust cultivators of compassion.

Compassionate leaders bring heart and purpose into the everyday lived experience of their team. They develop sustainable businesses and cultivate great teams. They have the courage to tackle the ‘elephant in the room’, overcome obstacles and fulfil their responsibility to do good business. They are focused, connected, confident, inspired and in their flow.

Team Dynamics use longer term growth journeys, powerful methodologies and team coaching to walk side-by-side with their clients’ teams. Four focus areas guide these journeys: (1) using purpose, culture and strategy to create team focus and clarity; (2) developing an autonomous and collaborative team, liberating leaders from over-burdened isolation; (3) scaling up the business and its sustainable performance; and (4) getting the team engaged and in flow.

Contribution Compass is a core team growth tool that is integrated into all aspects of the Team Dynamics approach, yet is especially central to engaging teams and developing their capacity to perform in flow.

Team Dynamics UK Partner LogoTeam Dynamics UK

Team Dynamics helps companies solve the problem of how to build high performing teams as they grow. In almost every business, people represent the biggest overhead and monthly operating cost. And yet most people work at less than 50% of their capacity and capability meaning there’s a huge amount of untapped potential.

Having the right people on a team delivering the right contribution of skills, creates sustainable success. The human capital in your company represents a huge opportunity for growth because people create energy, activity and results when they are put into a state of “Focus and Flow”.

With our proven Dynamic Business™ Framework balancing the three critical areas of Leadership, Teamwork and Sales & Service, we unlock all of the potential in your people.

Team Flow Solutions Partner LogoTeam Flow Solutions

We know that building a business and gathering a world-class team can be a daunting task. We know that as a company or an individual you want to make a meaningful impact on society, leaving a legacy for those following. At Team Flow Solutions we are committed to see your team grow, find their flow and watch your company soar. Bottomline – we want to come along side you and see you succeed.

Our services include:

  1. Personal profiling

By using the Contribution Compass Profiler with very practical debrief reports, we’ll help you discover your profile so you can find your flow, that place where you function with natural energy and fulfilment.

  1. Workshops

We facilitate half-day or full-day Contribution Compass Workshops where we walk you through your Contribution Company Team Report to help you enhance the flow of your team. We’ll help you discover the strengths of your team and areas of growth in a safe, energised environment.

  1. Recruitment support

If you are a company owner or in senior management we can help you understand the areas of growth in the flow of your team. Discover what your company’s dominant energy is and who you need to recruit to level up and achieve peak flow as a team by using the Contribution Identifier.

At Team Flow Solutions your team is our priority, your flow is our goal and your success is our success.

Team Fusion Partner LogoTeam Fusion International

Team Fusion International Ltd are leading experts on growing trust in teams through leadership coaching and creating high performing team culture. We have an extraordinary ability to bring teams together quickly and effectively in a sustainable way.

Our purpose is to help people reconnect to what they love in business, in relationships and in life. Most people don’t need to do more. They need to reconnect to what they love. Our support creates clarity.

With our proven Team Fusion programs we create Team Flow by helping you gain clarity on the three key areas of business: Strategy, Accountability Infrastructure and Team Culture. The success that is achieved when you have a trust-based, high performance team culture is magical. But it takes the right foundation of training, coaching and implementation with the right partner to fully understand your purpose and unlock your business and your team’s full potential.

With more than 25 years’ experience working with SME’s, corporates and government agencies, and more than 15 years’ experience with high performance profiling tools such as Contribution Compass, we work with Award Winning, multi-Award Winning and purpose-led companies to Inspire, Empower and Engage their teams. Our Contribution Compass consultants are trained in business growth strategies, leadership coaching as well as high performance team culture and accountability infrastructure to provide education, consulting and engagement to support you on your journey as your business and your team continues to grow.

We partner with SME Leaders to create extraordinary results by leading with purpose before profit and increasing productivity through higher engagement. The result is that everyone is inspired, empowered and engaged, and has more time, more money and more freedom.

The Audacious Company Partner LogoThe Audacious Company

I am a NeuroCoach, Speaker and Author.

I help ambitious WFH Entrepreneurs and SME Business Owners to shape their future by provoking thoughtful discussions, creating innovative solutions and delivering commercial and personal success.

I believe everyone is born equal, unique and valuable. I believe everyone has the ability to learn new skills, develop better habits and to have a positive impact on their world. I know that people who understand these facts become unstoppable, irreplaceable and memorable.

I work with clients through group and 1-to-1 coaching and through my online courses to help them focus on personal & business transformation, strategy and creating influence in their world.

To empower others to embrace their uniqueness & individuality while using their inherent and learned skills to have a positive impact in their world.

Tracey Mathers Partner LogoTracey Mathers

Tracey Mathers enables business owners, managers, and their teams to achieve business success, growth and fulfillment through personalised coaching and mentoring programs. With over 35 years in the retail and corporate world, and as the proprietor of Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio, Tracey built the foundations for business success, and now shares her learnings with others.

Tracey’s mentoring is tailored, inspiring and dares to be different. You will gain clarity, connection, and confidence in your business and personal life. You will be consistent, decisive, and effective. You will create a workable plan for success, and you will become someone that you’re proud of.

“I am passionate about people, positive outcomes and helping inspire women to excel in their chosen field. I love to see people with a desire for change gain more control, increase fulfilment and achieve massive growth in every aspect of their life.”

Through her work as an advisor, speaker, mentor and coach, Tracey has helped hundreds of small business owners and managers to find their ‘why’, build resilience and has empowered them to achieve their goals.

And because Tracey understands that you can’t have a great business without great people, her partnership with Contribution Compass further expands her ability to assist her clients in people management; through personalised profiling, to understand where that awesome energy within should be focused. Tracey empowers business owners to achieve maximum efficiency, cohesiveness, value, and fun.

Achieve the success you’ve dreamt about with Tracey Mathers.

Usha Maharaj Partner LogoUsha Maharaj

Usha Maharaj is a Brain-Based Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Chartered Accountant (SA) and Contribution Compass Partner who is passionate about helping her clients succeed in the workplace while creating a life they love.  She thrives on helping young professionals and women shatter glass ceilings and win in all areas of their lives through her personal experience in a high-performing corporate workplace. As a past Director of a global audit firm and female entrepreneur, Usha is your go-to-guide when you’re ready to quicken the pace of your career growth and get back into the driver’s seat of your own life.

In her corporate climb to Executive Director, Usha Maharaj has gone through all the major and minor challenges that any professional can experience in a high-performing, diverse and rigorous workplace. Having left corporate in 2014, she is now using her wealth of experience and expertise to inspire and instruct her clients to reject average and strive for excellence in their personal and professional lives.

Because of the rapid insights and deep self-awareness made possible with Contribution Compass, this profiling forms an integral part of the coaching and leadership development journeys of Usha’s clients.

Vet Dynamics Partner LogoVet Dynamics

Vet Dynamics is the UK’s largest independent veterinary community and a leading provider of Veterinary Business support and CPD around the world. We are proud to be different. We work with specially chosen practice owners and managers, dedicated to making a difference and committed to long-term change.

Through our series of proven business and personal development programmes, we help our members take a fresh look at their world. By joining our safe, supportive and exclusive community, our members benefit from comprehensive Curriculum, industry Connections and unmatchable data Comprehension and insights. They learn to develop their teams, share their vision, analyse key business intelligence, implement scalable systems, and communicate with clarity. The outcome: great leaders, successful practices, happier teams AND healthier pets.

Formed in 2005, Vet Dynamics is led by world class speaker and veterinary influencer Alan Robinson BVSc MRCVS DMS; a highly respected consultant to the profession and trusted business advisor to more than 800 practices worldwide. His mission during the last two decades has been to re-ignite purpose, passion, people and performance in Independent Veterinary Practices globally. In doing this he and his team of coaches have helped independent practice owners improve performance and achieve the quality of life they all deserve.

Beside him, is wife and co-director Vicky Robinson, winner of Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, and together, they have built The Platinum Academy – a winning CPD formula which has crafted some of the country’s top performing practices over the last 12 years.

Whether you are just starting out, in-practice or planning for life after practice, we care, and your success is our goal.


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