The Contribution Compass is a powerful personal and team profiling methodology that aims to get every member of your team into their zone of flow. Through maximising flow and natural energy in your team, you can maximise the contribution and engagement of the most important part of your business – your people.
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Why Profiling?

Time is the ultimate non-renewable natural resource. Once a second has passed, it’s gone.
But many of us spend most of our time in areas of our jobs or business activity that consume time and, more importantly, energy from us. The more time we spend in these areas of minimum contribution, the less energy we have and the less value we create for the company and, ultimately, for ourselves. When this downward cycle continues, we can end up needing to put even more time into these unrewarding areas of minimal contribution. People then become disengaged in the workplace and they cost employers billions in lost revenue and hiring expenses (since they’re also more likely to quit their jobs). Their work tends to be lower quality than that of engaged workers.

Parents, teachers and now even employers often drive people to work hard on improving the areas in which we are ‘weakest’. Imagine for a moment that we all understood that if we supported each other to focus on the areas where we create the most value, everyone would be better off, both in our work environments and at home.

At Contribution Compass we believe that people should do what they are good at and what they naturally love. Our profiling tool enables you to understand both your area of maximum contribution to a team, company or organisation and how you can leverage the most value for yourself and for your organisation. You achieve this leverage simply – by investing your time in your area of maximum contribution, through what is referred to as your ‘natural energy’.

How we can support you

The Contribution Compass guides and supports employees, business owners, HR managers, recruiters and coaches, to name a few. To learn how Contribution Compass can support you in your journey to maximise your contribution, click on the relevant box below.

Our Offerings

The Contribution Compass is not just a profiling tool. We offer a highly specialised platform that looks at profiling from a top down (entrepreneur > business) as well as bottom up (professional > team) perspective. We offer team assessments, customised team workshops, facilitators courses and monthly licensing agreements, which are all supported by a network of partners to maximise value. The accredited partners aim to support businesses like yours to effectively utilise the Contribution Compass model. They have been trained by the Contribution Compass team, and while their specific services are not endorsed by Contribution Compass, they have an understanding of the model and methodology. These companies provide various forms of education, consulting and engagement to support you on your journey, as well as the sale of additional profiles.

Contribution Compass

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Our Clients

Without internal profiling, one cannot build high performing teams and ensure the best possible combination of people to MAXIMISE RETURN & GROWTH. Thus, profiling identifies hidden talent in organisations & provides framework for development.

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