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The four natural energies

Maximise contributions by discovering the flow and balance in your team

The four energies are the cornerstone of the Contribution Compass employee profiling system.

They help highlight the areas in which each employee is energised and capable of delivering to their greatest potential. Each employee’s unique blend of these four energies is used to place them within the Contribution Compass profile spectrum, which in turn reveals exactly where they should be working within an organisation and their ideal roles in specific teams.

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Activating Energy

The Activating energy (North) accelerates and ignites change, bringing innovation and the ability to initiate new projects. This energy is what drives us to tackle obstacles head-on, solve problems and see new opportunities missed by others. It sparks activity, drives projects forward and is driven by a visionary image of the future. When not in balance, Activating energy can push so hard that the team is left exhausted and those ruled by this energy may simply consider this collateral damage of the process. Too much activating energy on a team can destroy value through its relentless drive to complete tasks without the necessary support.

Inspiring Energy

Inspiring Energy (East) ignites the spark in others. It can rally a team to support a shared vision, and encourage them to excel, individually and collectively. It listens to its teammates, builds engagement, rapport, and team spirit, fires them up to get moving. When not in balance, Inspiring energy can result in too much attachment to the feelings of others and the inability to focus on the specifics required to achieve the result. It can quickly destroy value through the inability to hold the team accountable and not getting tough when required.

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Sustaining Energy

Sustaining Energy (South) brings others’ ideas to life through the implementation of those ideas and the nurturing of their growth over the long term. It is grounded in reality and understands the elements, resources and pace required to achieve sustainable success. This energy encourages the consistent application of the right effort and the persistent commitment to completion. When not in balance, Sustaining energy can get bogged down in the limitations of the current reality and long- standing routines that no longer serve. It can quickly destroy value through doggedly following the tried and tested and resisting the breakthrough moment.

Refining Energy

Refining Energy (West) brings a focus on razor-sharp detail. It cuts through the noise and identifies risk with a factual and data-based perspective. It has the ability to assess and solve complex problems, while optimising efficiency and return. This energy maximises value through analysis and the testing of solutions with a considered approach that focuses on continuous improvement. When not it balance, Refining energy can get lost in the numbers and analysis, losing perspective of the vision and becoming too risk averse. It can quickly destroy value through being too focused on the numbers without awareness of the human factors at play.

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