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What is the Contribution Compass profiling system?

Augment your team's strengths for improved productivity.

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Contribution Compass is a comprehensive profiling platform that helps business leaders build teams and maximise individual contribution. By harnessing each individual’s zone of flow, our offering unlocks happier, more engaged and productive teams that in turn lead to improved productivity and increased revenue for all organisations.

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Streamline your teams, company and career

It is no secret that people are happiest and work their best when they are doing the things they are good at. Most of the time, however, traditional business practices place people in positions where they are dissatisfied or working on tasks they are ill-suited for. This leads to individuals and teams operating well below their potential, costing a business in productivity, revenue and staff satisfaction.

By utilising Contribution Compass business owners, HR managers, recruiters, business coaches and individual employees can unearth the areas where they, their employees and clients are most likely to thrive. They can then focus their energies on these areas to increase productivity, satisfaction and career growth.

Applied across individual teams and an entire organisation, this principal will see quantifiable increases in productivity and life satisfaction, leading to happier, more successful teams and improved organisational revenue.

The Four Natural Energies

The Contribution Compass platform is based around the concept of the four natural energies – Activating, Inspiring, Sustaining and Refining. Understanding a person’s unique blend of these four energies will give a clear indication of what helps them to work effectively, and where they can be best utilised within a team.

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The Eight Profiles

The Contribution Compass reveals how the four natural energies combine in variety of ways in each individual to match one of eight unique profiles. These, in turn, highlight where and how that person is likely to contribute the greatest value.

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Our five products

Our five products, the Contribution Identifier, Contribution Compass Profiler, Recruitment Licence, Team Report, and Maximising Team Contribution Workshop, help business leaders discover and implement flow across their entire business, from hiring to structure and training.

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No one can be all things to all people. At Contribution Compass, we believe people are happiest and most effective when they do what they naturally love. Increase productivity and staff satisfaction by helping your teams to find their flow.