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Reaching Higher Heights with Tailored HR and Recruitment Solutions.

Hello, my name is Angela, and I am the founder owner of 3Links Consultancy Limited. Having come from a sports background, playing Basketball and Netball for England, I learnt from an early age I had to be different to get noticed. Using this analogy in my career, (hate to say but its 25 years now!), I worked for national and international recruitment companies to learn my craft. In 2009, 3Links Consultancy Limited was incorporated in the UK, creating Gotcha Recruitment, a “headhunting company with a 98% retention rate” – this was the first link under the 3Links umbrella. We are now offering an exciting 2nd link, Gotcha Talent, “Reaching Higher Heights with Tailored HR and Recruitment Solutions”.

At Gotcha Talent, we specialise in revolutionising HR and Recruitment strategies. Our tailored solutions are designed to elevate your business to new heights. This is the place where your unique story meets our innovative approach, resulting in unparalleled growth and success.

Every company is unique! You may want to discuss and identify what skills, experience and natural energies are needed in your team, or understand how best to motivate and utilise individuals, increasing productivity and maximising contribution. You may want to scale-up, look to develop a recruitment strategy, or understand best methods to reduce recruitment spend – we can assist, providing you with the techniques and tools to save money long term.

We provide SME’s the thinking space to really explore how to achieve their goals. Business Owners, Directors and Hiring Managers want the right talent on their team doing the right jobs. This said, having a team in peak flow improves efficiency, morale and well-being, benefitting staff retention and scalability.

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