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Guiding small to medium-sized businesses to business leadership.

Sonia, a well-rounded business coach with Harmony Coaching, guides small to medium-sized businesses in New Zealand through her practical approach to business leadership. Prior to this, she headed up the Sirdar New Zealand governance programmes licensed to Skills Consulting Group and offered workshops on team dynamics using the Contribution Compass tool. She has also led the inception, implementation and strategic growth of her own international business in executive search.

With a wealth of experience in global business leadership, strategy development, and team management, Sonia continues to inspire and guide emerging and established business owners alike. Through customized coaching and strategic insights, she empowers small business owners to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and create sustainable growth.

Sonia uses the Contribution Compass tools to help businesses address every facet of building and sustaining balanced team dynamics. With a long background in recruitment, she is well-set to assist businesses in ensuring they find the right fit for their team. Using the Team profile tools, she works with business owners to create harmonious and energetic team environments.

Some of the benefits of working with Sonia at Harmony Coaching include:

Higher engagement
Reduced sick leave
Improved profitability
Significantly increased productivity
Increased retention

Understand your staff and grow your business

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