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Professional and executive coaching.

COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd is a human capital, management, and leadership development consulting company.

One of our main offerings in supporting our clients is professional and executive coaching programme at individual, team, and group level. We recognise the relatedness of coaching to other interventions on our menu of offerings, Mentoring, Consulting, Advisory, Facilitation, Motivational Speaking, Counselling, Training and Development. However, Coaching should not be confused with any of the above. Coaching is a development intervention that seeks to ignite the capacity of the client from within. The coach’s role is to facilitate that process, encourage the client to use his or her own internal resources and strength to achieve the set goals or objectives in life or business.

At COMETSA, by the time the coach meets with the client most of service expectations shall have been met by our Business Management Division. This is done through provision of professional coaching service logistic, coordination and administrative support. The coach is therefore freed from any non-coaching activities to focus on the actual coaching development work. There is close relationship between the support team, the coach and client to make sure that the client experience good quality coaching intervention.

COMETSA is the home of many highly qualified, accredited and credentialled professional and executive coaches. They are brought in as Associate Coaches assigned to Individual, Team, and/or Group Coaching Programme. Whereas they each have their own coaching models and philosophies, they are aligned with COMETSA Coaching Philosophy, namely, The MIND! The JOURNEY! The DESTINY! We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY!

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