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Enshrine your career – For you, for me, for nature, for humanity.

Provide top-tier recruitment services in executive search, direct search, interim management, and talent-search advert response handling, facilitating growth and expansion opportunities for companies in Africa.

Exciting news! We’ve revolutionized our recruitment process to enhance employee engagement using the powerful Contribution Compass profiling tool and Contribution Identifier (job profiler). These tools are key to identifying individual contributions, fostering growth, and ensuring success within our team and company. Understanding your team’s dynamics is crucial for success. Our Contribution Compass Team Report provides valuable insights to keep your team in flow, maximizing returns by harnessing each member’s natural energy.

We’re here to support candidates in re-engineering their career pathways, ensuring meticulously planned and motivated transitions. This proactive approach eliminates career damage for candidates and prevents any financial repercussions for you due to misplacements.

Excited to share that our brand is thriving, with over 2000 new candidates joining us monthly! 

In the Talent Catalogue Evaluation Matrix, find candidates with their Contribution Compass profile aligned with the job title you want to fill. The platform offers essential insights for talent retention, salary surveys, job profiles, recruitment, and cross-industry benchmarking. Discover trends in professionals’ mindsets, work culture, and values sought by candidates.

View our Talent Catalogue on our website here.

Our South African expats are in high demand globally. They bring a wealth of experience in managing complex construction projects across various sectors like infrastructure, mining, and industrial projects.

Plus, don’t miss out on our job briefing template! It’s designed to create a tentative project timetable (recruitment plan), candidate resource map, pre-interview targeted technical questions, and a job advert tailored to attract high-calibre skills that align with the position’s criteria, culture, and energy.

Additionally, our Enshrine Learning Academy offers “digital detox” conference and accommodation facilities on our eco-wetlands farm ideal for hosting leadership programs and training sessionsConveniently located just outside of Cullinan, Gauteng our academy is a short 45-minute drive from Pretoria. Take a break, strategize, or simply unwind in this tranquil haven. Explore new learning horizons with us! 

Enshrine Placements, a part of ENEX GLOBAL EXECUTIVE SEARCH, has been a key player in assisting organizations worldwide in acquiring talent for middle, senior, and top management positions since 1980. With 50 offices globally, across all continents, we are well-equipped to meet your recruitment needs efficiently and effectively.

Choosing Enshrine Placements means gaining a partner who works closely with you, strategizing, forecasting, and seamlessly integrating into your business to provide tailored recruitment solutions. Our goal is not only to meet your recruitment requirements, but also to enhance your business and brand value through our services.

Our fees and processes are customized to align with your recruitment plan and budget, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective experience. Partner with us to elevate your recruitment strategy and drive success for your organization.

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