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Team Dynamics

Cultivating compassionate leadership to open doors for new opportunities.

South African-based Team Dynamics is a boutique consultancy specialising in cultivating compassionate leadership to open doors for new opportunities. They support founders, chief executives and business unit leaders who are committed to transforming their teams into high-growth, high-trust cultivators using compassionate leadership as a foundation.

Compassionate leaders bring heart and purpose into the everyday experiences of their teams, and they develop sustainable businesses with happy personnel. They dare to tackle the ‘elephant in the room’, overcome obstacles and fulfil their responsibilities of doing good business. They are focused, connected, confident, and inspired and they work in their flow.

Team Dynamics uses longer-term growth journeys, powerful methodologies and team coaching to walk side-by-side with their client’s teams. Four focus areas guide these journeys:

using purpose, culture and strategy to create team focus and clarity,
developing an autonomous and collaborative team, liberating leaders from over-burdened isolation,
scaling the business and its sustainable performance, and
getting the team engaged and in its flow.

Contribution Compass is a core team growth tool that is integrated into all aspects of the Team Dynamics approach and is especially central to engaging teams and developing their capacity to perform in flow.

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