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Julie Hogbin

Julie Hogbin Conscious Leadership for Business & Life.

Julie Hogbin Conscious Leadership for Business & Life works with Individuals & Business across the Private, Public & Entrepreneurial sectors.

Julie focuses on what make organisations great which is the people within them linked to the strategic plan & vision.

The people at every level create the culture which ultimately create the results of the organisation regardless of size. Your culture will eat any strategy for breakfast, lunch & dinner both for you individually and the organisation. Discovering the values, that drive the behaviours, which drive the results & creating the appropriate culture is vital to your success in any relationship you will ever find yourself.

Julie focuses on creating Conscious Leadership, Identifying Values & creating the Culture for results with Transparency.

Julie uses psychological profiling tools within her work which enable self-awareness to be developed for the individual, the team and the organisation. Increased self-awareness can lead to increased results when actioned upon.

Julie basically creates increased results with less conflict & improved communication across teams and business from start up, growth, merger & exit she is an expert in Leadership, Transparency & Enabling Performance.

Julie is a multiple published author, the creator of The Conscious Leadership podcast including the A-Z of business and Wealth Wednesday, a public speaker plus Coach, Mentor & trainer of over 30 years having worked with 10s of 1,000s of leaders and managers in business – Julie challenges and supports for change, where change is required.

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