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Tracey Mathers

Enabling business owners, managers, and their teams to achieve business success, growth and fulfillment.

Tracey Mathers enables business owners, managers, and their teams to achieve business success, growth and fulfillment through personalised coaching and mentoring programs. With over 35 years in the retail and corporate world, and as the proprietor of Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio, Tracey built the foundations for business success, and now shares her learnings with others.

Tracey’s mentoring is tailored, inspiring and dares to be different. You will gain clarity, connection, and confidence in your business and personal life. You will be consistent, decisive, and effective. You will create a workable plan for success, and you will become someone that you’re proud of.

“I am passionate about people, positive outcomes and helping inspire women to excel in their chosen field. I love to see people with a desire for change gain more control, increase fulfilment and achieve massive growth in every aspect of their life.”

Through her work as an advisor, speaker, mentor and coach, Tracey has helped hundreds of small business owners and managers to find their ‘why’, build resilience and has empowered them to achieve their goals.

And because Tracey understands that you can’t have a great business without great people, her partnership with Contribution Compass further expands her ability to assist her clients in people management; through personalised profiling, to understand where that awesome energy within should be focused. Tracey empowers business owners to achieve maximum efficiency, cohesiveness, value, and fun.

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