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We are a Strategy and Human Capital Management Consultancy.

Penologic™ is a Strategy and Human Capital Management Consultancy, founded in 2017.

Our clients are business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs seeking to align their business strategies within the context of accelerated change and technology developments, while keeping unwavering focus on their organisations’ purpose, values, people, customers and stakeholders.

Our team of experienced specialists provide world-class insights and best-practices to inform economic strategies that are relevant and sustainable. To enable this, Penologic™ believes that by focusing on desired leadership behaviours and organisational culture, leaders enhance their ability to achieve customer and business’ mutual goals, and staying on course in line with the organisation’s purpose.

Through the use of the contribution compass,we are able to carefully and meticulously tailor our clients new business strategies to the small details of the natural energy profiles of each business leader, entrepreneur and executive client we work with, improving efficiency and change management. We value the human emotional side of business dearly at Penologic and aim to incorporate it into the corporate side. We deeply consider the unique differences of every client we work with.

Through access to a global team of specialists, Penologic™ deploys world-class leadership development, talent, change management, business-brand integration and strategic solutions.

Penologic™’s vision is to become a leading global, niche strategy and human capital management consultancy, with a team of 20 industry leader associates by 2025.

We aspire to be known as a brand that contributes towards business and digital transformation; is regarded as a strategic partner for organisations driving meaningful and sustainable organisation culture change.

Through our subsidiary company (BionicsForAfrika Healthcare), we aim to facilitate democratised access to comprehensive, world-class and tech-enabled healthcare solutions for children with disabilities, inclusive of low-income families in South Africa and the African Continent, over time.

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