• I can’t recall when last I have received results of this calibre. Very informative and precise.

    Malcolm Perret South Africa

One of the biggest advantages of becoming an Accredited Partner is that you will be allowed to include the Contribution Compass as part of your own bespoke offering. In addition to improving your facilitation skills and selling the Contribution Compass profilers, you can increase your income stream through offerings such as the Team Assessments and the Maximising Team Contribution Workshop.


More information on the Facilitator Programme

For both partnership options, a Partner Agreement document and online form are completed and signed. Both options require that you achieve a number of “Contribution Compass points” on an annual basis. This points systems measures your engagement in the promotion, use and understanding of the tool, as well as your engagement with the wider Contribution Compass community. On an annual basis an Approved Distributor must achieve 100 points and an Accredited Partner 150 points.

“I recently facilitated a Contribution Compass programme for a government agency in Botswana and it was incredible to see the insight dawn on the faces of the executive team when they had a major breakthrough. With a huge leaning towards Custodians in their team, they finally understood why fulfilling ‘Innovation’ as a core value was such a challenge. The team excelled at compliance processes and policy development, yet innovative transformation always got pushed to the back of the queue – simply because it was the opposing natural energy for the majority of the team. These types of team insights are literally priceless!“ Belinda Doveston, Founder of Apian Learning and Accredited Partner”

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