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How to improve your team and business performance

Every business is made up of people. People are the heart and soul that create the energy, activity and flow in a business. They are the lifeblood of an organisation. The magic that is achieved when you have a truly effective team is unmistakable. The approach to creating an effective team, or the lack thereof, can determine the success or failure of a business.

In applying this principle, you must ensure that your team is in flow and that people are in positions that leverage their individual natural energy. This alignment of a person’s profile to a position is critical. No matter how hard you try to follow processes to identify the ideal candidate for a position, to review and confirm their experiences and to consider their cultural fit in your organisation, if an individual is put into a role that does not leverage their own individual natural energy, they will not be a star player on your team.

A successful team requires diversity in its skills and abilities so that the team as a whole can achieve more than the sum of its parts can. A balance in natural energy is equally as critical in this requirement for diversity and ensures that every opportunity and challenge is seen from different perspectives. In so doing, team members can strengthen the whole through their own natural energy and through the insights that naturally arise from their point of view. Emotionally intelligent leaders understand how to balance their team and they engage consciously to maximise the contributions from each profile within the team, even from those who are directly opposite to their own natural energy.


The Contribution Compass Partners and Accredited Facilitators are trained and able to create a customised Team Assessment for your team, with strategic recommendations on how to balance the team for maximum contribution and maximum return. This is done with a ‘Balance on Averages’ which includes the following:

  • Calculating the average of the team/business unit
  • The aim is to achieve 25% for each natural energy
  • Identifying the type of profile that would bring the best balance to the team
  • Consciously select the type of profile or distribution most relevant for the new appointment
  • Recognising that certain lines of business may have some imbalances, such as sales teams.

Partners are also able to host Maximising Team Contribution workshops. These are ideal for business leaders who recognise the importance of an engaged team of people doing what they love and what they do best. It is also highly valuable for anyone who would like to learn more about working with their own profile while maximising their engagement with the other profiles. This course is an outcomes-focused one-day facilitated event that aims to equip the attendee with a deeper understanding of the Contribution Compass and its eight natural energy profiles. It also provides the attendee with an interactive experience and practical insight into how to apply this tool to deepen team engagement, build effective teams and improve communication and organisational learning.

Carl Bates introduces the team assessment application technique by Contribution Compass and encourages you to take your profiling to the next level.

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