• This is so me ! My biggest insight is that I have always been a team player, and have always been respected by my peers and juniors, but never really thought about what it really meant or why.

    Jennifer Reddy South Africa

The Contribution Compass is not just a profiling tool. We offer team assessments, customised team workshops, facilitators courses and monthly licensing agreements, which are all supported by a network of partners to maximise value. The accredited partners aim to support businesses like yours to effectively utilise the Contribution Compass model. They have been trained by the Contribution Compass team, and while their specific services are not endorsed by the Contribution Compass, they have an understanding of the model and methodology. These companies provide various forms of education, consulting and engagement to support you on your journey, as well as the sale of additional profilers.

Our offerings


Our standard rate per profile is US$89, but since we serve a diversity of nations and currencies, we have taken the position of setting retail pricing at levels that are relevant and tenable for each specific region, rather than setting a one-currency rate that is then converted into buying currencies. Once you have given us your details, we will give you a rate and a list of possible partners that you can connect with.

The 8 Contribution Compass Profiles


A Catalyst is a person who naturally brings change through accelerating a reaction or interaction, getting raw substance to interact in a vibrant and new way. Catalysts are dynamic, stimulating, driven and inciting. They excel at getting something going with energy, and are often found starting new businesses, leading a new project or taking an existing project into its next big step. They easily plug into the world of ideas and into a vision of the future. Naturally innovative, they bring new ideas and creative approaches into any team. Catalysts are often found in product or service development, several at a time, where they bring their new ideas to life and explore innovative concepts at a pace difficult for others to keep up with.


A Champion is a person who, like a thunderbolt or a strike of lightning, shakes up the status quo and stirs up people to pay attention to the message they herald. Using their personal credibility, Champions shine light on the cause they rally for and incite others to join them. They are vibrant and exciting, and the call they make to pay attention is hard to resist. They excel at taking a proven idea and broadcasting its value to a wide audience, garnering support and enthusiasm. Once they are confident that the idea is powerful and worth shining a light upon, they bring a magnetic quality that attracts attention. Champions are often found in brand ambassador, sales and marketing roles, where they naturally sell a product, concept or brand through their inner conviction that it has value.


A Coach is a person who ignites the fire and passion of others to work together as a team focused on bringing a central idea to life. Coaches bring warmth, energy and inspiration, which lights up the path for others so that they may strive for personal excellence and team success. They excel at understanding people deeply and being tuned to their emotions and what their team really need in order to overcome challenges. Coaches are often found rallying teams and developing talent, and are often involved in roles focused on leadership, networking, customer acquisition or recruitment.


A Connector is a person who brings people, ideas and resources together, and like a lake into which all rivers flow, they have a special gift that can unite the right people at the right time and place. This ability to connect is driven from a combined understanding of what people really need and the resources and opportunities available that may best serve those needs. They excel in communication and being able to talk through ideas, challenges and solutions to create a collective way forward. Connectors are the quintessential diplomats and can often be found at the negotiating table or at networking events, where their extensive networking relationships support building bridges between people and resources.


A Custodian is a person who has the ability to nurture and support the ideas of others and bring them to life, while guarding and protecting the assets and resources under their care. Their gentle and supportive energy is grounded in their understanding of reality, resources, timing and practical considerations. They excel in their ability to get tasks done, maintain routines and honour commitments and deadlines, while ensuring that the right activity delivers tangible results. Custodians are often found in operational and customer service environments where timing, a sense of urgency, routine activity and a service ethic are paramount.


A Cultivator is a person who guides and shapes the growth of a team, project or enterprise through a subtle influence that seeks to adjust, refine and develop. Just as a plant grows and strengthens through a flexible response to its environment, so too does a Cultivator make incremental adjustments in their environment to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. They excel in their ability to manage complex projects and deliverables, while making sure that resources are carefully managed and risk is mitigated in a timely manner. Cultivators are often found in project management environments where the careful balance of people, time and money is a critical skill.


A Conductor is a person who, just like the conductor of an orchestra, uses their focused and efficient energy to direct the singular instruments of the orchestra into a unified and optimised collective. With the wave of a baton, the conductor keeps the whole orchestra in rhythm and in tune. So too does a Conductor excel at making sure a process or function runs optimally and efficiently. With a natural affinity for analysis and data, a Conductor is able to find meaningful insights through information and the analysis thereof. Indeed, they revel in solving problems through logic and fact. Conductors are often found in research, quality management, production and accounting fields, where the numbers, graphs and data feed tell a story of their own.


A Calibrator is a person who ensures that the instruments used to create value are continuously refined and adjusted where necessary. These instruments could include the business model, the systems or technologies, the methodologies utilised or any kind of tool required or applied in the delivery of the promise. This kind of energy is relentless in its pursuit of continuous improvement and incremental refinement. Calibrators excel when they can tinker with how the system works and experiment with new approaches to old problems. They are often found in engineering and information technology fields due to their knack for fine-tuning many different types of systemic structures.


It is recommended that one of the best ways to increase engagement is to transform the way companies develop their people. The old school method was to focus on developing the weaknesses of empolyees. The new school approach is all about talent and strength – building on the strengths of employees.

Team Assessments

To utilise the platform effectively you need to do more than just complete the profile. The Contribution Compass process enables you to consider both individual and team contribution. What will happen to the dynamic in a particular team when a new recruit commences? Will they enhance the team’s performance, or will new challenges arise? Will the individual cover off a blind spot that the team has or add to an area of focus the team already has well covered? These are key questions that should be considered during the recruitment process, restructuring or even when reviewing a specific team’s performance. The Contribution Compass Team Assessment process enables you to do this.

The Contribution Compass Partners and Accredited Facilitators are trained and able to create a customised Team Assessment for your team, with strategic recommendations on how to balance the team for maximum contribution and maximum return. This is done with a ‘Balance on Averages’ which includes the following:

  • Calculating the average of the team/business unit
  • The aim is to achieve 25% for each natural energy
  • Identifying the type of profile that would bring the best balance to the team
  • Consciously select the type of profile or distribution most relevant for the new appointment
  • Recognising that certain lines of business may have some imbalances, such as sales


Book a free online presentation on how you can build an effective team. We will then connect you with a suitable partner.


By understanding the objectives you have for your team and your business we can select a structured workshop or tailor something specific for you and your team.

Maximising team contribution (half or full-day)

The Maximising Team Contribution workshop is ideal for business leaders who recognise the importance of an engaged team of people doing what they love and what they do best. It is also highly valuable for anyone who would like to learn more about working with their own profile while maximising their engagement with the other profiles. This course is an outcomes-focused one-day facilitated event that aims to equip the attendee with a deeper understanding of the Contribution Compass and its eight natural energy profiles. It also provides the attendee with an interactive experience and practical insight into how to apply this tool to deepen team engagement, build effective teams and improve communication and organisational learning.

Download Programme Outlines

Tailored Workshop

Workshops can be tailored to a specific requirement, leveraging both the Contribution Compass platform and the expertise of the Accredited Partner to address a specific need within your team or your business.


Book a free online presentation on how you can build an effective team. We will then connect you with a suitable partner.

Facilitators Course

The Contribution Compass uses a network-centric approach to activate its value: a network of partners, associates and specialists who leverage the Contribution Compass throughout their networks and focus areas. As such, the Contribution Compass team focuses on building partners and developing facilitators who can deliver accredited training, coaching and consulting, and partners who can grow the use of this tool within their networks.

This course is ideal for anyone who is involved in people development across a variety of application areas. It does require some level of people development experience, be that in the areas of mentoring, coaching, training or management. This is a significant financial opportunity give the accredited partner rates for profilers and the coaching, facilitation and consulting activities that can ensue.

In this video, Carl Bates (founder of Contribution Compass) discusses how you can become a Contribution Compass expert through the Accredited Facilitator Course.


Do you have a passion for growing people and maximising return through human potential? Or do you want to become a Contribution Compass Partner? You should do the Contribution Compass facilitator course.

Licencing Agreements

Many businesses only try to understand an individual’s natural energy when they have already hired the person or short-listed two or three people for a role. The challenge is that the ‘right’ person may have been removed from the recruitment process too early in the journey. The ‘wrong’ person for the postition may have gone further through the process than they should have.

At the Contribution Compass we understand you find it difficult to justify a profiler for every person in your organisation and to everyone applying for a role at your company, even though the economics justify this. So here is a solution…

Based on an estimate of the number of times a year you appoint someone to your team, we have tailored a solution just for you. It will enable you to profile everyone who starts your recruitment process (without concern about the cost of that additional profiler). In addition, everyone in your organisation can also do the profile. This will enable you to effectively embrace the Contribution Compass platform into your recruitment process, team performance enhancement and overall company’s success.


Understanding an individual’s area of maximum contribution enables us to quickly establish if the applicant and the role are a ‘fit’. Contact us for a monthly licensing proposal.

Contribution Identifier Logo

Contribution Identifier

The Contribution Identifier is a FREE tool that helps you to discover who your team needs for a role. Built upon the same foundation as the Contribution Compass Profiler, the Contribution Identifier is an online assessment tool that guides you through the 24 areas of role contribution. This journey aims to support you to clarify the contribution a current or new role should provide to your team or organisation. It mitigates the risk that we place too much emphasis on skills and do not reflect deeply enough on the contribution the role should make. This also addresses the commonly-seen challenge of expecting the person to be great at everything, which can often result in the selected person instead being average at everything. Coupled with this, recruitment application techniques facilitated through your Contribution Compass partner can develop recruitment materials using language more attractive to the required profile, thus increasing the aligned yield of applicants. The partner can also support the on-boarding and performance enhancement processes in a contribution-aligned manner.


Are you looking for a new team member? In completing the Contribution Identifier, you are provided with the Contribution Compass profile most aligned to your contribution priorities as defined through the assessment.

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