• Wow, ok, that makes sense. It amazes me at how close this profile really is to who I am.

    Roanne Doyle South Africa

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Our standard rate per profile is US$89, but since we serve a diversity of nations and currencies, we have taken the position of setting retail pricing at levels that are relevant and tenable for each specific region, rather than setting a one-currency rate that is then converted into buying currencies. Fill in your details and we will give you feedback on how you can start the journey to maximum contribution.

Without internal profiling, one cannot build high performing teams and ensure the best possible combination of people to MAXIMISE RETURN & GROWTH. Thus, profiling identifies hidden talent in organisations & provides framework for development.

Placing people within roles that do not fit their profile can lower employee engagement and various other factors. Matching the correct profile with the correct position throughout an organisation can positively affect every aspect of the business.

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