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    Reeson Gounden South Africa

Support me as a Manager to maximise my teams contribution

Understanding the people you manage is tough. Very often, we see manages use one blanket approach to managing a group of people. People are not the same and everyone has a unique profile that reflects their natural energy. People with a high activating energy prefer visuals as a learning method and they respond best to “what” when being asked questions. People with a high tempering energy on the other hand want to know “how” things work and will challenge you with that question when there is a crisis or critical moment in a project. People with high inspiring energies are driven by connection and prefer solving problems in meetings where they can hear the person’s point of view. By understanding the profiles and natural energy of the people you manage, you are able to alter the way you communicate, teach, lead and motivate to achieve maximum contribution. You will have engaged team members who love what they do, and you will be able to focus on their strengths on a daily basis.

A high-performing team requires diversity in its skills and abilities so that the team as a whole can achieve more than the sum of its parts can. A balance in natural energy is equally as critical in this requirement for diversity and ensures that every opportunity and challenge is seen from different perspectives. In so doing, team members can strengthen the whole through their own natural energy and through the insights that naturally arise from their point of view. Emotionally intelligent leaders understand how to balance their team and they engage consciously to maximise the contributions from each profile within the team, even from those who are directly opposite to their own natural energy.

The Contribution Compass Partners and Accredited Facilitators are trained and able to create a customised Team Assessment for your team, with strategic recommendations on how to balance the team for maximum contribution and maximum return.

For many managers, the thought of change is downright scary. Introducing new structures and methods within a team may be seen as changing the already accepted ways of doing things. But it is important to remember that when there is balanced natural energy around any table, the flow is a lot more effective and in turn results for both the directors and business as a whole.

Without internal profiling, one cannot build high performing teams and ensure the best possible combination of people to MAXIMISE RETURN & GROWTH.

In this video, Carl Bates introduces the team assessment application technique by Contribution Compass and encourages you to take your profiling to the next level.

Maximise your Contribution

To ensure you have a team that is maximising their contribution and maximising their return you must take the first step. If you are a Manager, get your complimentary profile.

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