• I have completed the Contribution Compass Survey and have been classified as a Cultivator, a perfect match I feel to my character and traits.

    Reeson Gounden South Africa


At Contribution Compass we believe that people should do what they are good at and what they naturally love. By understanding your client’s profile, you are able to get a deeper understanding of their natural energy and their area of maximum contribution to a team, company or organisation.

The Contribution Compass uses a network-centric approach to activate its value: a network of partners who leverage the Contribution Compass throughout their networks and focus areas. Many of our partners are coaches and have been on the Contribution Compass facilitators’ course and have qualified as an Accredited Partner. One of the biggest advantages of becoming an Accredited Partner is that you will be allowed to include the Contribution Compass as part of your own bespoke offering. In addition to improving your facilitation skills and selling the Contribution Compass profilers, you can increase your income stream through other offerings.

Become a partner

I want to understand how I can be a partner.

To utilise the platform effectively you need to do more than just complete the profile with your client. The Contribution Compass process enables you to consider both individual and team contribution. What will happen to the dynamic in a particular team when a new recruit commences? Will they enhance the team’s performance, or will new challenges arise? Will the individual cover off a blind spot that the team has or add to an area of focus the team already has well covered? These are key questions that should be considered during the recruitment process, restructuring or even when reviewing a specific team’s performance. You can offer this Team Assessment to your clients.

In addition, after completing the facilitator’s course, you will also be able to host Maximising Team Contribution workshops for your clients. These are ideal for business leaders who recognise the importance of an engaged team of people doing what they love and what they do best. This course is an outcomes-focused one-day facilitated event that aims to equip the attendee with a deeper understanding of the Contribution Compass and its eight natural energy profiles.

Carl Bates discusses the facilitators’ course.


Maturing your understanding and application of natural energy is critical for your development as an individual. If you are a coach, get your complimentary profile.

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