• This is so me ! My biggest insight is that I have always been a team player, and have always been respected by my peers and juniors, but never really thought about what it really meant or why.

    Jennifer Reddy South Africa


Often HR Managers are seen as a cost to the business, whose role is to manage the recruitment, performance and disciplinary processes. We see the role of an HR Manager as a key contributor to the success of an organisation. The role that you play in recruiting and developing talent, ensuring alignment of roles to skill and experience and supporting managers to fulfil their role in performance enhancing their own teams, is critical to the success of the company.

The Contribution Compass wants to support you to be successful in your role.

The Contribution Compass platform enables you to maximise the contribution of your company or your employees. In other words, it enables you to maximise the results that will be achieved and ensure HR is seen as a value-adding function for your organisation.

The Contribution Compass Platform supports you to do this in three ways:

Enhance your recruitment process

Understanding an individual’s area of maximum contribution enables us to quickly establish if the applicant and the role are a ‘fit’. Often we can focus on an individual’s background and skill set, however they are not the whole story. Two chartered accountants who are both well qualified and have great experience are not necessarily the same. One of them may be more inclined to a new environment that requires systems and processes to be established for the first time, whereas the other is much better suited to a role in which she will be leading a finance team.

Neither is better or worse that the other, they are just different in the contribution that they can offer to your team. If you do not identify this in the recruitment process you could end up with the wrong person in the role. And we know who the organisation blames when that happens.

Understanding the area of maximum contribution required from a role and ensuring the right person is in the role applies to every position in your company.

In this video, Carl Bates discusses recruitment with Contribution Compass.

Maximising team performance

The Contribution Compass process enables you to consider both individual and team contribution. What will happen to the dynamic in a particular team when a new recruit commences? Will they enhance the team’s performance, or will new challenges arise? Will the individual cover off a blind spot that the team has or add to an area of focus the team already has well covered?

These are key questions that should be considered during the recruitment process, restructuring or even when reviewing a specific team’s performance. The Contribution Compass Team Assessment process enables you to do this.

Advance your own knowledge

For HR to be a value-adding function to your company it is critical that you are constantly increasing your knowledge and perspective. We want to support this. The Contribution Compass platform is therefore about building capacity within your organisation to apply the knowledge, insights and understanding gained from using the tool. The facilitators programme enables you to start off with a base level understanding that will develop further as you apply the Contribution Compass in your organisation. Contribution Compass partners are also able to assist you in areas where specialist expertise is required.

Carl Bates discusses what the benefits are in becoming an accredited facilitator and partner.

Maximise your Contribution

To ensure you have a team that is maximising their contribution and maximising their return you must take the first step. If you are an HR Manager or recruiter, get your complimentary profile.

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