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    Roanne Doyle South Africa

Support me as an entrepreneur to employee the right people and maximise the result

As entrepreneurs we have limited time as it is. When a vacancy arises in our team or we realise that we need more support, we are already on the back foot. We need that person on our team to assist us to deliver and to grow.

Investing a large amount of time in finding the right person seems more a of luxury than a reality.

As entrepreneurs we need hacks that assist us to get the best outcome, quickly. When it comes to recruitment, we need that hack now and we want it easily accessible.

Understanding an individual’s area of maximum contribution enables us to quickly establish if the applicant and the role are a ‘fit’. Often we focus on an individual’s background and skill set, however they are not the whole story. Two chartered accountants who are both well qualified and have great experience are not necessarily the same. One of them may be more inclined to a new environment that requires systems and processes to be established for the first time, whereas the other is much better suited to a role in which she will be leading a finance team.

Neither is better or worse that the other, they are just different in the contribution that they can offer to your team. If you are not conscious of this in the recruitment process you could end up with the wrong person in the role. Understanding the area of maximum contribution required from a role and ensuring the right person is in the role applies to every position in your company.


To ensure you have a team that is maximising their contribution and maximising their return you must take the first step. If you an entrepreneur, get your complimentary profile.

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