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Sarah Greener

Business coach, author, and founder of the Human-Centered Business.

Sarah is a business coach, author, and founder of the Human-Centered Business. Sarah loves working with business owners to put them back in control of their business. Business owners get into business to get freedom – yet most end up with a business monster, eating up all their time, stressed out, living in the chaos of trying to fit your life in the few hours left over after you finish working. Getting back in control of your time, focus and energy is key if business owners don’t want to keep working harder and longer to get that elusive “business freedom”. Sarah helps you clarify what you want, identifies the changes you need to make, and supports you to implement.

With her simple program designed to give you back a day a week you will quickly kick stress to the curb. The Human-Centered Business Academy is a program for business owners built by a business owner – with 15 years experience running her own businesses Sarah brings a practical, empathetic approach to your business understanding the challenges from the unique perspective of having been there too. With Sarah, you will maximize your results by simplifying your business systems, leveraging your people’s strengths and ensuring you have a clear plan of action means you can work less in the business and create space for your life.

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