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Financial Pro

Independent training company for Financial Service Advisers.

Financial PRO is the UK's leading independent training company for Financial Service Advisers.

Financial PRO helps Financial Services Advisers to grow and scale their business by attracting their ideal clients, streamlining their processes, building teams and increasing sales without the frustration of figuring it out on their own.

Financial PRO fills a huge coaching and mentoring gap in the industry. We deliver a service that offers business support, real world experience and guidance without the BS. We provide practical knowledge from personal experience of building an award-winning brand and business.

Founder and MD, Gary Das, grew his award-winning brokerage from 2016 on the same principles that are taught to our clients. Financial PRO focuses on a four step simple process: start, grow, increase, scale.

Many advisers rely on networks to provide business support. Networks can be great for compliance and making sure you adhere to FCA rules. Some provide training, but that usually comes from someone who has never run a business themselves.

We strive to elevate your knowledge and ability as a business owner in the digital age so that you can create a business that feeds your unique lifestyle aspirations.

Our mission is to change the landscape of financial services, helping our clients to start, grow, increase and scale their businesses. We teach our clients to stop working hard and start working smart so that they can do more of what they love with who they love.

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