Complete Your Contribution Compass Profile

Follow these simple steps to complete your Contribution Compass Profile now.
  1. Complete the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields below.
  2. If the Token Code field has not automatically populated, please copy it from your email and put it here.
  3. Click "Get Started!"
  4. Read the page you are taken to carefully. You will only be able to complete your Contribution Compass Profiler by following the instructions detailed.
  5. Begin by answering each of the questions that follow the instructions page. Click the Next button to move onto the next question.
  6. Once you have completed the last question, click the Save Profile/Finish button.
  7. You will then be given an option to complete some demographic questions. While optional, please complete this to support the ongoing research into the Contribution Compass Profiler.
  8. Once completed you will be able to download a copy of your profile. If your Token Code was provided to you by a Contribution Compass Partner or Company Administrator, they will also be able to view your profile. In some circumstances, your profile will only be sent to this individual.
  9. If you need any assistance, please email

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