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On December 7, 2017

To new beginnings and a fresh start

Thank you. Typically used to express gratitude, the use of the phrase has become a formality to many these days, without much thought other really than that it is appropriate and good manners in the context it is spoken. How many of us truly take the time to consider what we are saying thank you
On December 7, 2017

Self-awareness: A key to personal growth

Self-awareness is powerful and transformative. While the process that precipitates it might often be arduous, unexpected or even frightening to some, a single moment of insight can lead to changes that can alter an individual’s trajectory and functioning significantly – and together with some practical guidance, for the better. This is a fact that business
On October 30, 2017


Greetings! What an incredible month it has been for the Contribution Compass community! In this issue, we share with you what transpired at the inaugural Contribution Compass Partner Conference that was held in the Drakensberg from the 11-13 October. Our theme for the conference was #UnityThroughDiversity. There is perhaps no greater a concept to encapsulate
On August 31, 2017

Debunking the Myths of the Millennials in the Workplace / Part One

I have a problem with labels.  Somehow, their intention, to clarify and classify brings limitation. So perhaps my actual problem is not the label but the limits and the implications that those limits bring to life. If you’re anything like me, being boxed and labelled, classified and identified, is a thorn in the flesh. And
On June 29, 2017

And we just got bigger!

Happy June all! I hope you have had a great month. In June we celebrate and focus on the power and value of effective recruitment. We have a great line up of content for you this month: Caryn Darley, a recently completed facilitator trainee; Christa Fourie, a current facilitator in training; Usha Maharaj, an accredited
On May 25, 2017

Is Your Employee Engagement Creating or Destroying Wealth?

Hi there! Welcome to this month’s Contribution Compass newsletter. In this issue we zoom into employee engagement as a critical element of organisational success and growth. As much as we share some startling research-based evidence with you on the link between engagement and profitability, I am sure that you – like me – have experienced
On April 25, 2017

Do you have a winning team?

The health and lucrativeness of any economy is hardly separable from business. Whether we’re talking big corporates, small and medium enterprises, or start-ups, our economies are based on trade and barter and the companies or entities that underlie these processes. To have a thriving economy therefore means having healthy and prosperous businesses, and vice versa.