Category: Accredited Partners

On October 30, 2017


Greetings! What an incredible month it has been for the Contribution Compass community! In this issue, we share with you what transpired at the inaugural Contribution Compass Partner Conference that was held in the Drakensberg from the 11-13 October. Our theme for the conference was #UnityThroughDiversity. There is perhaps no greater a concept to encapsulate
On September 29, 2017

Debunking the Myths of a Millennial in the Workplace / Part Two

I have been asking myself a very simple question for a long time: when did it become accepted practice to commoditise (to turn something into a raw material that can be bought and sold) values (the regard that something is important, worthy, and useful)? As a design student I came across brand values the first
On July 6, 2017

Caryn Darley of Enshrine Placements: Facilitator Programme Testimonial

“I had the honour of participating in the Contribution Compass Facilitator Programme. I was inspired, motivated, challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. The programme was insightful, brilliantly delivered and the tools applied for the learning were phenomenal. Great tips and learnings that you can apply in your own business to increase your own
On March 27, 2017

Go From Self-employed to REAL Entrepreneur / JHB May 2017 & CPT Jun 2017

Going from struggling start-up entrepreneur to thriving money mogul is a dream for many. Yet the practical skills and know-how to achieve this in the entrepreneurial space is often limited to general reads and impersonal talks that fade fast following initial engagement. The saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher’ and an experienced teacher has
On March 27, 2017

The 5 Things You Need to Learn as an Entrepreneur

Our good friends at The REAL Entrepreneur, who are also Contribution Compass Accredited Partners, have put together an amazing event that all entrepreneurs should attend. It is called The REAL Entrepreneur 3-Day Intensive and is considered the most comprehensive, perception challenging event ever created for entrepreneurs. It will completely change how you view and operate your