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What an incredible month it has been for the Contribution Compass community! In this issue, we share with you what transpired at the inaugural Contribution Compass Partner Conference that was held in the Drakensberg from the 11-13 October.

Our theme for the conference was #UnityThroughDiversity. There is perhaps no greater a concept to encapsulate what our partner family is all about. At its root, Contribution Compass celebrates diversity of natural energy in teams and organisations. What evidence of this we experienced! An incredible group of people, who are as inspired as we are about making a ‘meaningful economic impact’, gathering together to share, collaborate, learn and make the brightest future possible happen. As one partner commented on the experience and partners: “You have restored my confidence in the future of this country’s future”. Wow!

Michael and Gift, two members of our team, share their experiences of the conference in their articles for this edition. I would also encourage you to watch the montage of partner sharing in our video collection from the event. A key part of the conference journey was the partner ideation workshop, where partners collaborated to come up with ideas for how we can all make a better platform and community. The winner of the most supported idea was the development of a resource pool that could accelerate partner learning. Another key insight was collaboration itself and many new projects were commenced between partners as a result.

We concluded the conference with a recognition session. Partners who completed the Facilitator Programme received their certificates, including: KK Diaz, Brian Walsh, Usha Maharaj, Roger Hitchcock, Carl Bates and Tim Holmes from the founding partner group. From the group that commenced in January, the following received certificates: Robyn Jackson, Ann Baret, Michael Meiring, Caryn Darley, Nompilo Swanepoel and Molefe Pooe. Huge congrats to you all!

Four awards for great achievement were handed out. Thanks so much to Streetwires for the incredible trophies.

Here are the awards and the 2017 winners:

The Columbus Award (for the greatest effort to attend the annual partner conference): Sue Trezise (who travelled from New Zealand for the conference)

The Jolly Roger Award (for the greatest social media activity for the year): Carl Bates

The Pieces of Eight Award (for the most profilers sold for the year): Brian Walsh of Real Entrepreneur

The All Aboard Award (for the greatest partner engagement for the year, excluding sales): Usha Maharaj

Congratulations for these incredible achievements and a big thank you to all who made the event such a memorable and meaningful experience! A special thank you to all for the incredible spa gift that I received – so incredibly spoilt and grateful! 🙂

Wishing you all a fantastic November.

Yours in maximising contribution,


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