The Contribution Compass Partner’s Conference: An Inside Perspective

On October 27, 2017

The Contribution Compass Partner’s Conference: An Inside Perspective

The annual 2017 Contribution Compass Partner’s conference was a tremendous success. Upon arriving, we were engulfed by the clear blue skies, great views of the mountains, manicured lawns and the hospitality that was afforded to us by the hosts of the Champagne Castle Hotel in Winterton, KwaZulu Natal.

The theme was #UnityThroughDiversity and, as an engaged community, the event exceeded our expectations. Great insights were shared, thought-provoking topics discussed and there was great camaraderie among all who attended. The interactive group discussions ensured a conducive environment for all to participate, learn and establish good connections. We are pleased that our partners took time to explore the scenery of the Drakensberg with us; going for an early morning jog/ walk, and striking a good balance between work and play. Contribution Compass is about the holistic development of individuals after all!

Our partners were asked to discuss what “Meaningful Economic Impact” means to them, and the responses varied from a business performance coaching context, to nurturing the talent of individuals across the business cycle. A key point raised during the session was that partners should focus on unlocking the value of a Contribution Compass profile (post the assessment stage) to ensure meaningful economic impact for their clients. It is the application of the platform in an organisation which will determine maximum shareholder value through effective team engagement and productivity. The positive spin-off for partners will be greater client retention.

Our speakers shared on various topics: Brian Walsh unpacked “The REAL Marketing Blueprint”; Usha Maharaj shared on the “Three Steps to Accelerated Executive Coaching Outcomes”; Belinda Doveston discussed “The Value Proposition”; Jason Goldberg on “Scaling Up and Natural Energy”; and lastly Carl Bates shared insights on “Building Growth Momentum in Your Practice”. The application of the Contribution Compass platform played a pivotal role in all the business topics discussed. The speakers provided practical scenarios of the success stories that came with applying the tool in their businesses, and also highlighted innovative ways to use the platform to target various market segments.

Meeting the partners for the first time was fruitful, since mutually beneficial partnerships were established. Given our partner-centricity, our aim is to have a consistently engaged community because, as we know, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As such, one of the suggestions raised during a discussion was to host quarterly (face-to-face) networking sessions for partners where recent developments can be discussed, and ideas shared to maximise value for the partners. Furthermore, this will create synergy between partners who are primarily focused on generating leads and selling tokens and those who focus on unlocking the value of the profile for the client through debriefing and further consultation.

Going forward the Business Development team is excited about providing further support to the Contribution Compass partners – providing a seamless process to access tokens, and sharing valuable insights through our webinars. We will also look at creating platforms to engage with our community, in view of maximising their contribution and maximising their return for a meaningful economic impact.

By Gift Mposula, Business Development Executive

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