The Leader of the Pack

On September 29, 2017

The Leader of the Pack

Good day!

Thank you for joining us yet again for another instalment in our monthly newsletter. As we head into October, we are celebrating the power of collaboration!

In two weeks time we are hosting our inaugural Annual Partner Conference in the Drakensberg, South Africa. We cannot wait for this two-day jam-packed opportunity for our partners to converge, learn, share and grow. There is such excitement in our team as we get closer to the event and we look forward to sharing insights and perspectives from the conference with you in due course.

One of the greatest examples of collaboration in nature can be found in the African Wild Dog. They are incredible pack animals with an extremely high hunt success rate of 80 to 90% – far superior than the glossy and athletic cheetah! What makes them amazing is their ability to work together and communicate, while honouring an ego-less hierarchy. Truly incredible! In our webinar this month, I shared insights on these amazing creatures and how they are linked to Einstein, natural energy and the Contribution Compass. If this sounds intriguing, then navigate to the video ‘Unlocking the Value of Your Profile’ at the end of the newsletter.

We have some great partner articles this month on collaboration. Ann Baret and Janice Scheckter share on A Better Africa initiative, which activates education ecosystems to uplift African learners; Kgomotso Sekhute poses some great reflection questions on collaboration; and Matt White shares part two of his series on millennials and addresses the issue of collaboration. Enjoy these great contributions!

If you are keen to learn more about our partner programme and collaborative community at Contribution Compass, please drop us a note at

Yours in maximising contribution,
Belinda Doveston.

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