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On April 25, 2017

Do you have a winning team?

The health and lucrativeness of any economy is hardly separable from business. Whether we’re talking big corporates, small and medium enterprises, or start-ups, our economies are based on trade and barter and the companies or entities that underlie these processes. To have a thriving economy therefore means having healthy and prosperous businesses, and vice versa.
On April 25, 2017

A Balanced Team: The Quest for the Holy Grail, or Not?

Greetings! I trust you had a great Easter break and are back in the saddle, ready for the next phase of the year. At the Contribution Compass HQ we are preparing to commence our next group of facilitators-in-training and have a lovely diverse group ready, including our first USA facilitator. Please get in touch soonest
On April 25, 2017

Indwe Risk Management Services, South Africa: Team Assessment Testimonial

The following testimonials are from a recent Contribution Compass Team Assessment conducted by business strategist, leadership coach and Contribution Compass facilitator, Robyn Jackson for Indwe Risk Management Services: “The session was very informative and I have learned more about myself and also how to approach my colleagues. It has opened a new way in approaching,
On April 24, 2017

Adrian Giannotti, New Zealand: Facilitator Programme Testimonial

“The five-month facilitator course has been challenging and inspiring. It has opened up the way I see myself and the way I see other people and how we all interact differently and at different levels. It has been a real eye-opener and the skill I have learnt I can use in any management roles. It is
On April 24, 2017

Robyn Jackson, South Africa: Facilitator Programme Testimonial

“Having done numerous profiles myself over the years and being involved in the executive development space quite deeply, the Contribution Compass Profiling tool really stood out to me when I completed my own profile.  I was given a deeper understanding of myself in a collaborative space with others, than I had ever received before.  This