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On March 27, 2017

The Magic of a Balanced Team

Over the last few weeks we have been working with several companies to assess their Contribution Compass profiles and the collective natural energy of their team as a whole. It is absolutely fascinating to observe teams as personalities in their own right, with unique behaviours aligned to the profile of that team. For example, we have
On March 27, 2017

Go From Self-employed to REAL Entrepreneur / JHB May 2017 & CPT Jun 2017

Going from struggling start-up entrepreneur to thriving money mogul is a dream for many. Yet the practical skills and know-how to achieve this in the entrepreneurial space is often limited to general reads and impersonal talks that fade fast following initial engagement. The saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher’ and an experienced teacher has
On March 27, 2017

The 5 Things You Need to Learn as an Entrepreneur

Our good friends at The REAL Entrepreneur, who are also Contribution Compass Accredited Partners, have put together an amazing event that all entrepreneurs should attend. It is called The REAL Entrepreneur 3-Day Intensive and is considered the most comprehensive, perception challenging event ever created for entrepreneurs. It will completely change how you view and operate your