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On February 20, 2017

How Self-Awareness Increases Self-Confidence

Self-confidence not only means different things to different people but how you develop your confidence is unique to you. Confidence is one of those skills that are non-negotiable as you climb the corporate ladder and assume more senior roles in your organisation. If, however, you pursue a one-size-fits-all approach to building self-confidence, frustration and maybe
On February 20, 2017

Effective Communication and Leveraging Engagement

One of the most pervasive messages in the business world is the idea that there is a golden formula for communicating effectively. This is particularly the case when it comes to marketing and sales, yet also applies in a much broader sense to a variety of everyday activities and interactions. Certainly, science has provided us
On February 19, 2017

You Only Know It When You Can Teach It!

Greetings all! We are over a month into our first online facilitator programme for 2016, and it is incredibly exciting to see how engaged and supportive our trainees are as they get fully stuck into the learning process. I can’t wait to get going with the next group commencing 8 March. Are you interested to learn