Is Your Employee Engagement Creating or Destroying Wealth?

On May 25, 2017

Is Your Employee Engagement Creating or Destroying Wealth?

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Welcome to this month’s Contribution Compass newsletter. In this issue we zoom into employee engagement as a critical element of organisational success and growth. As much as we share some startling research-based evidence with you on the link between engagement and profitability, I am sure that you – like me – have experienced the actual difference and practical impact that engagement can make.

Organisational culture is often described as ‘the feel of the place’ – what it actually feels like to interact with a company and its team. An engaged team creates a feeling of purpose, energy and well-being. A disengaged team feels….well, toxic and yucky quite frankly.

Employee engagement has become a huge focus for organisational development, and, as such, is an important focus area for our partners in applying the Contribution Compass methodology. We have seen that when a team understands the natural energy of its members and all members are in their ‘zone of flow’ that magic can happen. And quickly too. You then have the opportunity to do what you do best every day and you work with a group that is focused on activating the strengths of each person. We imagine a world full of inspired people who create massive value every day and have fun doing so, growing as people and as positive contributors.

We have a host of interesting resources for this edition. Ann Baret, one of our partners, has written an excellent article entitled ‘Employee engagement is down. But not your team, right?’. Please follow her blog as she provides great articles and resources. Michael Meiring, our Partner Coordinator, has written a great piece on employee engagement entitled ‘Profiling for Active Employee Engagement’. We have also provided you with a sneak-peak into our Facilitator Programme by providing one of the many training videos, this one featuring employee engagement (about 25 minutes), and we have sourced a great short video on ‘Why Employee Engagement Matters’.

As much as we have been focusing on employee engagement from the perspective of the employer’s responsibility, it is important to remember that each one of us is responsible for our own ‘zone of flow’. If we are not engaged at all, or dip in and out, let’s take charge and work towards a place of engagement and value-creating contribution. Are you with me?

Yours in maximising contribution,

Belinda Doveston

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